The Drunk Diet – A Book Review

9 Jun

The Drunk Diet (via

So I stumbled upon a book called “The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds … Wasted: A Memoir” while shopping on my Kindle Fire and thought it was the perfect reading for a swimbikerundrink athlete.  I started dreaming about drinking all day long and watching the weight magically come off.  Of course, momma didn’t raise no fool and I know it’s never that easy.  So what could this book possibly say without completely disappointing readers?

The Drunk Diet is a book written by Lüc Carl, a guy who runs a bar in New York and was living the rocker lifestyle, waking up at noon, working till 2am, drinking, smoking and partying till 6am and eating copious amounts of fourth meal. He realized in his late 20’s that he was 40 pounds overweight and tired of what he saw in the mirror and how he felt. When he started looking for diet books he realized they were all bullshit. This book is a description of the lifestyle changes he made while still being able to run a bar and have a social life. He finished his first marathon on his 30th birthday and continues to work out 5-6 days a week taking on other fitness challenges.

I bet Lüc’s a fun guy to have a drink with. He has no problem telling it exactly how it is, and profanity is plentiful. I found the book very entertaining, and while there wasn’t much I learned, there was plenty to get me thinking about. The title is a little misleading- he isn’t really drunk all the time and it isn’t really a diet.  The biggest point that Lüc stresses is that it is not a diet but a lifestyle change and a full change can’t realistically happen overnight.  I mean, he didn’t even stop smoking until after he ran his first half marathon!

Maybe I’ll take his suggestion to drink more vodka instead of beer into consideration. After all, I do have another 5-10 pounds I’d love to lose.  And while I can drink more beer than most people my size, I generally feel bloated and overall pretty crappy the next day.  Especially when I look in the recycling container and see all the beers consumed in two weeks (but I can’t take credit for all of them).

Someone’s got to recycle all that glass.

Lüc provides a collection of healthy recipes in the back of the book, including his vodka drink and some stupid-simple dinner options.  He proves that it’s not that tough to get off your ass and move around a little bit, eat a healthy diet, and continue to party, knock back some drinks and keep our bodies looking good.  I’ll raise my glass and toast to that, Lüc!

Buy the book here and/or check out his website.


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